Pharmacy Tray

Pharmacy Organizer

Messy pharmacy counter?


This attractive white tray is being used in over 24,000 retail pharmacies across the country to help streamline their prescription filling process. Osco, Sav-On, Albertsons, Target, K-mart, CVS, Walgreens, Thrifty-White, and many other small chain stores and hundreds of independent stores use the OrganizeRx Tray to:

  • Speed Up the Rx Filling Process
  • Reduce Chance of Errors
  • Eliminate Scattered Papers
  • Stop Lost Rx Orders, Refill/Prior Requests, and Messages
  • It actually Saves Counter Space

The OrganizeRx Tray is made of heavy duty styrene with 14 interchangeable see-thru dividers. A raised portion on each divider may be labeled with the labels provided, or you can set up your own "system". Most stores now use it mainly as:

  • "MD Calling Back" ...about Refills and Rx Questions, Dose Changes, Drug Interactions, etc.
  • "Insurance Calling Back" ...regarding Priors or Rejection reasons
  • "Drug Ordered, Fill When In"

Your Pharmacy staff will find this system as a very easy way to quickly find the answer to the dreaded Patient question, "Why isn't my medicine ready?". Now, simply check the OrganizeRx Pharmacy Tray!

Price: $41.95